Beautiful Drapes & Blinds…

……begin with Drakes Furnishers’ inspirational library of fabrics and well considered planning.
Our aim is to ensure the fabrics, colours, textures, design and styling of your drapes and blinds reflect the concept you had in mind for your home and ultimately what you will be comfortable with over a long period of time. We source our fabrics from leading fashion furnishing designers around the world and the selection of over 4,500 fabrics offered by Drakes Furnishers gives you enormous choices in colour, texture and design so complementing existing furnishing will be a breeze. There are many styles of window treatments including drapes, sheers, swags and tails, Roman and fabric blinds, pelmets and accessories along with wooden and venetian blinds, pleated blinds, roller blinds and more.

Drapes, Curtains and Heading Styles

Transform a single room or your entire home. Beautiful new curtains are the quick, economical way to transform any room. Deciding on a curtain heading is just as important as selecting the fabric and colour. It will determine whether the curtain is soft and flowing, formal or casual.

‘Pencil Pleat’: (also referred to as Gathered heading) as a general rule, Pencil pleated headings are suited to plain fabrics or those with a delicate pattern. The overall effect is both neat and tidy, giving an informal look. At Drakes Furnishers we offer a selection of Pencil Pleat tapes varying from 3cm wide to 15cm wide.

‘French Pleat’: (also referred to as Triple Pleat) creates a formal decorative scheme. French pleating is ideal for use when ‘stackback’ space is limited.

‘Twin Pleat’: (also referred to as Dutch Pleat) is a variation on French Pleat that uses a little less fabric.

‘Reverse Pleat’: This has the advantage of looking smart, tailored and very contemporary, and is ideal in minimalist décor designs.

Swags and Tails: Opulence, romance and decadence! Those with an eye for quality and detail will appreciate the distinct look that ‘Swags and Tails’ can create. Although traditionally chosen for larger rooms, full-bodied curtains with swags, tails and complex finishing details become a timeless feature in their own right, so can be perfect for rooms with little or no view. Crafted in luxurious fabrics, swags and tails will certainly add a sense of opulence to your room. The configurations of swags and tails is endless from a single swag over a pair of tails to ruched swags with double-pleated tails, rope and tassels at the gathers!

Fringes, trims, braids, cords and tassels: These are a beautiful way to enhance the colour scheme of your fabrics and to add texture to a room setting while accenting accessories, furnishings or window treatments. Drakes Furnishers have an extensive library of trims and passementerie to choose from.

Luxaflex Duette window shades

Don’t compromise. With Luxaflex Duette window shades, you can have everything you want. All Duettes have a unique honeycomb structure to prevent heat loss through window glass, while Architella have a double-honeycomb construction for even more insulation. Day/Night shades give you diffused light for the day time and complete privacy for the night time. Top down, bottom up shades let you move the top and bottom rails for flexible privacy and light control. Available in a range of colours, textures and pleat sizes, Duette shades are exclusive to Luxaflex stockists.


If you have a stunning view it almost seems a shame to cover it up with widow treatments of any kind. However, in most cases it is a ‘must’, whether it is to protect valuable furnishings from strong UV rays, conserve energy in winter or give you privacy from the neighbours. Gone are the days of boring white sheers. At Drakes Furnishers we have hundreds of designs to complement your beautiful New Zealand view and include it as part of your home.


Roman blinds are an increasingly popular window treatment giving a simple, less ‘fussy’ look, in fabrics that co-ordinate with or compliment other furnishings. Roman blinds are ideal where ‘stackback’ for drapes is limited or where a dressing table or desk under a window makes curtains impractical. And of course, they can be installed either inside or outside the window frame.

More Blinds

Sometimes curtains and fabric blinds can be limiting in terms of controlling sun, privacy and heat.

This is where Luxaflex® beautiful Soft Shades, pleated blinds, timber and aluminium venetian blinds, roller blinds, vertical blinds, canopy awnings, motorised blinds and many more, are a revolutionary step forward compared to traditional window treatments.