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Of the seven elements in design, colour is the most accessible, the most malleable, exciting, noticeable and least expensive item in decorating. At Drakes Furnishers, we don’t just sell paint, we sell COLOUR!

Colour impinges on our every waking moment. There is colour in daylight, in the sky and in the landscape, in our skin, hair and eyes. Every object we make to use or wear is coloured. Different colour combinations can change the look of a room from welcoming or impersonal, to warm or cool, restful or energising, harmonious or garish. But most importantly, our choice of colour whether painting a room or the exterior of our home, is directly linked to our own moods and what impression will be made on other people.

Colour is simply a measure of light and depending on the orientation of a wall or room in your home, will dictate why one colour will look quite different in different rooms. As Carolyn Atkinson from Resene® paints explains in her article ‘Colour by Compass’, (‘Habitat’, autumn/ winter 2015 issue 22)..” Colour is not equal, unchanging and well behaved. Natural light is not equal, unchanging or well behaved either!”…. So, where does that put the question of what colour and paint to apply?

The good news is THERE ARE NO FIXED RULES about colour! Forget all those old sayings like blue is cold, green and blue should never be seen, emerald is for envy and so on. However, when selecting colours there are aspects to consider: lighting, who uses the room, what are colours in nearby rooms, existing furnishings and furniture, and many more.

Drakes Furnishers stock Resene® paints which have every imaginable paint system for interior, exterior, specialist coatings, and on-trend ranges of fashion colours. At Drakes Furnishers, Robin Drake, Dip. Interior Design, qualified interior designer and colour consultant, is here to help you sift through the myriad of Resene® paint colours and finishes to find the right combinations. We custom tint all colours to the greatest accuracy to ensure your chosen colours are spot on and reflect your personal decorating style.

We welcome you to Drakes Furnishers to discuss your painting and colour projects. Both Graham and Robin Drake are here to offer sound, practical advice, and give you the confidence to just get on with the job!
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